Confessions of a “Carbo”phobian Foodie

Hi, I am Inè, and I am a carbophobian, foodie, artist …

Hi Inè!

How is that for a combo!  I had a good giggle the other day, I had a chat with my previous manager from when I recorded Children’s music. We decided unanimously, that managing a “carbophobian foodie” would be a breeze in comparison to an artist.  The reason; A “low carb foodie” will have stable blood sugar levels and therefor much less mood swings!  It was so funny!  Be as it may, it is probably true.  Artists have to work hard at not just grabbing food from drive – thru’s on the way to the next gig…  I feel for you guys!  That’s why we need to strike, rent a flashmob or do whatever it takes to get at least one low carb filling meal and a high fat smoothie on every restaurant’s menu… Baby steps … but we are moving!

I have had many asking if I even reside in South Africa? Due to the fact that I use words like psyllium husks, and coconut flour.

So, I thought I would do a proper introduction accompanied by a few confessions…


This is me …  Nice to meet you!


These are my people! I almost did not recognize my hubby here… he lost an amazing 30 kilo’s since this photo was taken. All those little faces lost the extra squishy cheeks too.

We live in the loveliest little town of Wellington, in the Western Cape.  Even though we love not living in the city, I do get the challenges of finding produce and foreign ingredients.  I have very specific rounds and bargain spots that I visit once a month. Planning is essential!  Maybe I can take all the local low carbers on a red bus tour to the “lekker plekkies”?  Would that not be such a hoot!

Prof Ontplof

This is what I sound like when I do what I love… namely writing, voice overs and directing. You can listen to a clip on youtube and THEN picture that voice while reading one of my recipes out loud!  I know… the comedy is on the house! 🙂

It was in fact upon returning from this very recording project that I read an article featuring Tim Noakes.  I was suspended in mid air, my mind still racing through takes and edits, when something profound happened.  I decided to read the Mango magazine!  Out of sheer desperation to get my mind into “brainless” mode for a bit, I ever so non – suspectingly pulled it out of the seat pocket.  The complete opposite of brain”less” happened!  That was the day we switched our brains on and opened our minds to a better lifestyle.

My husband picked me up at the airport, I explained … he nodded intently and off we went to a bookshop, all we could find was the New Atkins book.  We decided to go for it, since I saw the name somewhere in the article too.

That was the point of no return and we experienced an almost lonely journey from there with people thinking we were weird and putting our livers in extreme danger etc.

I researched a lot… A LOT!  It became my mission to love my family by giving them unfamiliar food  (to us anyway) packaged in familiar ways.  Malva pudding was the first break thru!  I served it to our guests and they immediately asked for recipes… The thought of anything baked without sugar or flour was  to most mind boggling!

Within this journey we discovered how many people simply need that bit of mentoring.  Just a few recipes and a friend to quickly whatsapp.  as you are wondering… “should you buy stevia or xylitol?”… it’s all so strange in the beginning.

I started a small on the side food recipe page a month ago, it was really meant to share some of the recipes I wanted to publish in my cookbook and well the rest … is history and you are reading about it!   Within the last week, a few enthusiastic low carb friends started to campaign behind my back.  In no time the word got out and I have literally lived a week of dynamic raw revolution! I am currently working on Low Carb is Lekker about 10 -12 hours a day and engaging with so many new people.  On the side… I write stories! (Crazy!)  What an interesting, overwhelming turn of events. I have the most incredible people who just came on board with skills that I can just dream off.  I appreciate them!  I hope they know!

Right now, I am hearing so many needs and simply trying to make things as practical with recipes and posts. I am restructuring and trying to streamline your questions in some handy formats to post soon.

Next week, I want to invite all the low carb newbies to “journey” a week on a 20 – 30 gram carbs set menu. I will post some of our survival dishes, shortcuts and we will have a week long team effort.  I am consulting restaurants about swop outs and will post as we finalize.

Ok, now for those confessions: (Nervous laughter)

1.  My kids eat some small amounts of sugar over a weekend.  They are kids.  Every meal I “decarbify” for them is an investment, but I can never expect their friends or school activities to be sugar or carb free.

2.  Once a week, I buy a loaf of low kilojoule bread and about 3 times a week my kids get a slice of toast (around 10 grams of carbs) with a big scoop of ground beef or scrambled egg and bacon. And the earthworms in the garden mostly get the other half.

So if you happen to bump into me at the store…don’t phone the paparazzi when you see a loaf of bread in my basket ok, I confessed see!

3.  We visit restaurants from time to time… We are the strange folk that still smiles at a plate with two eggs and bacon…looking ever so slightly lost without Comrads Wholewheat bread and Chippies on the plate.  And we send plates back to the kitchen with for  4 lonely, rejected hamburger buns on it… the waiter must think we got a memo that he did’t get… “there’s something odd with the buns dude…” hehehe!

4.  So we live!  And we celebrate life!  And after your second month on low carb you can stand much stronger while walking through Food Lover’s bakery section and shout HALELUJA at the meat aisle!  After your third month you don’t understand how you could have ever lived any other way, and then after a year its as normal as breathing! In fact so normal my daughter refused to adhere to the food pyramid the school gave her to study, and simply said… “these are the worst lies I have ever seen Sir, I will write them down as you ask but NEVER believe them as true!”  She took him allow carb cupcake the next day as a peace offering!

Food will not be you boss or a means to reward yourself or your kids anymore, and you will be free to eat so you can be full and not eat so you can be happy.

For me, redeeming nutritious food, will ALWAYS stay an adventure though.  And the best part of it is that the combinations, even on a low carb lifestyle, are enough to excite me for a lifetime!

Very lastly, I am not a medical professional, I’m simply … your’s in low carb!  And not feeling alone makes it … Lekker, right?


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