Why am I not losing weight? Stalls, Plateaus and Confusions

This is a very complex subject!  Due to the fact that you are a completely  unique creation, you can just imagine that it might be hard to pinpoint a problem such as this within thousands of variables. What makes you stall can help me to lose!  I can still lose weight while snacking on nuts, my husband – not so much!  And again, I am by no means a scientist or medical professional.  But I can help you maybe, with a tiny process of elimination.  If you have to search for a needle in a 90% smaller haystack, it might be helpful right?

First, let’s simplify a few things… Why did  you get fat to start with.

This is why carbs count!  If we are carb smart – we can manage this process better.

No one wants to starve himself thin… not by choice anyway! So how  then,   how do you eat yourself thin?

1. You eat less carbs, cut sugar and rely on fat for fuel… REALLY?  How can  fat make me thin?

Simple:  A little bit of fat goes a looooooooooooooooooooong way!  It really does.  A slice of toast cannot take you where an egg can take you.  But we eat both!  Just ditch the 15 grams of unnecessary carbs that will tell your brain you need more in about an hour and stick to the egg (0.6 grams of carbs) scrambled in butter  (6 -10 grams of butter 0.0 grams of carbs) and it will last you hours before you get hungry again.  But wait, there’s more!  If you add 3 rashers of bacon to the frying pan, you only add 0.1 gram carbs.  So you see,  this is how you eat yourself thin. You fill up with what will give your body the least resistance and most energy!

Here’s another example:

A “healthy” Bran muffin is almost 30 grams of carbs.  We usually eat it with a tiny bit of butter (0.0 grams of carbs – cause butter makes you fat right?  WRONG!!) Then we add cheese and biltong! (0.2 gram & 0.0 gram carbs)

Skip the 30 grams muffin (that’s gonna send you on a massive sugar spike) and eat your cheese and biltong, add some veggies and you are having a meal for less than 5 grams of carbs!

Smart carbs – healthy fats along with muscle building protein!  Plain and simple in understandable english!

And here’s the thing… you only need to eat this way for about two weeks to know, that you are NOT going to eat a muffin size heap of Biltong and cheese to make up for the muffin. (I guess you can if you are THAT  hungry – but I highly doubt it) You simply are going to need roughly the same amount you would have added with the muffin in the first place.  Only this time, your body won’t be preoccupied with trying to use up the carbs and then ending up storing most of the carbs and the fat as…well  food for the fat cells.


So this is a meal…a proper one!  It’s not second best cause you cannot add bread to it.  It’s BEST cause you took the part that confuses and distracts out of the equation!

And …

Chicken 2 way

This is a meal. A Proper one!   It is not inferior because we left out the  30 grams of brown rice @ 21 grams of carbs or the small serving of pasta @ 20 grams of carbs.  The salad is NOT inferior cause we left out the 32 grams of carbs  pita bread either!  It will fuel you more efficiently without it by far!  And you won’t crave sweets.

This would be the basics of burning food as fuel and not storing fat!  Along with the guides and meal plans I added in  the previous post. “Take Charge Challenge”

2. What if you have the basics down and a “Stall” or “Plateau” hits?

I want to answer this by asking two questions first…

A: Is your goal to loose weight?

B: Is your goal NOT to gain weight?

It makes a BIG difference to the outcome, what you answer here!

If you answered A, then the following applies:

* Eat 20 – 30 grams of carbs per day… MAYBE some days … 40 would be ok.  It might even be a good quick change to get your metabolism alert, but 20 -30 grams of carbs otherwise!

* Stick to basic foods. Avoid diet bars and  baked goods, even low carb baked goods.  Allow yourself a treat once or twice a week in the form of low carb chocolate mousse, mini cheesecake, berries and cream or chocolate cake in a mug.

* Limit nuts, yoghurt and berries!

* Limit xylitol!

* Avoid diet drinks, and artificial sugars!

* Don’t suddenly go back to your brainwashed mode by cutting good fats and compensating with more veggies than before.

* Make sure you eat enough, so your body does not go into starvation  fat saving mode.

*Limit veggies like onions, leeks, pumpkin and your tomato intake for a while.

*Also try to eat cooked cabbage and spinach rather than raw…like in coleslaw. Cabbage in it’s raw state can have a negative impact on some people’s thyroids.

*Snack on simple combo’s like cucumber and cream cheese or just salami slices, a handful of biltong etc.

* If you exercise a lot, keep in mind your stall might be due to you building muscles.

* You can eat perfectly, but if you go through a stressful time, that by itself can cause a stall. (Keep this in mind)

Try this for a week and see if it kick starts your weight loss.

If you answered B.  Then just stick to my swop out principles and Bob’s your uncle!  You will gain muscle, feel healthy, combat inflammatory driven diseases, have enough energy and regain your brainpower!  You can also allow a wrap or  few pieces of sushi knowing that it’s not the best food, but you can enjoy it now and again.

8 Basic low carb swop- outs

If you still see no results… you need to look in on it at  a deeper medical level. (I am trying to gather a list of LCHF friendly physicians)

I stalled at some point for months…then I finally realized … I’ve hit my bodies happy place.  My body was happy with where I was, and when I checked what my ideal weight was supposed to be… I was already below it!  Make sure you don’t get greedy about weight loss either.

Cheering for you –  with you today!



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