a-BUN-dance! The BUN is back! Low Carb – wheat free – gluten free & sugar free, off course!



Maybe I have some  low carb good news after all…


I have been experimenting with some bun recipes and some bun alternatives.  I don’t know why, but there is just something easy going and super comforting about the old HAMBURGER!  So, in under three minutes and under 3 carbs per bun, I think these recipe suggestions should hit the spot somewhere!

YOU WILL NEED A COFFEE GRINDER!!!  This will be the single biggest low carb gift you can give yourself for as little as R200.00

Then, before you know it… you can take seeds and nuts to the next levels in baking!  This is your primary base for flour.  And if you go this route, your coffee grinder will be paid off within a month.  You will simply save a bunch on expensive or hard to come by flours and meals.

You can make meal (a type of flour with skin on) with:

 Raw Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Pumpkin seeds

For flour use:

Blanched Almonds, Macadamias, Regular desiccated fine Coconut, Flax seeds, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds.

Here is an easy step by step guide to some of my early experimentations.  Mix and match as you please.

These buns can be used in a sandwich press to make grilled sandwiches or pan toasted for a great hamburger experience.

They  are best served hot from the toasting pan, and are extremely filling.  I would however recommend the Pecan or Almond for a lunchbox. If you do not like coconut you can always do half nut meal and half flax seed.

Have fun!

Flaxseed Bun

Coconut Bun

Sunflower Bun

Bun recipe

Abundance of bun Options




Bun sandwich ideas

NOW… for the really good stuff!



The Ham Burger (Bacon and Beef Burger)

Mix bacon bits,  half  beef and half pork mince, spice with grated apple, thyme and your favourite flavoured salt mix.

Form into balls and flatten between your palms to form a sturdy patty.  Fry in lard or coconut oil.

Serve with rocket, grilled plumb tomatoes and brinjal rounds fried in lard/coconut oil.


The Lamb Burger (Lamb or Beef with pesto, feta & tzatziki)

Use your choice of lamb or beef, spice with salt, black pepper, coriander & garlic.

Form patties and fry in coconut oil, lard or tally.

Make tzatziki with a few sprigs finely chopped mint leaves, few spoons double cream yogurt, handful finely chopped cucumber,

& black pepper. Serve with pesto, feta and diced tomatoes.

You can serve this burger on any bun or on a giant mushroom.


Moroccan Beef or Lamb Burger (Served with feta, coriander)

Mix a sprinkle of moroccan spice rub into your preferred meat, form into patties and fry in the fat of your choice.

Dress your burger with feta, fried sweet onions and coriander or make a mayo with a bit of turmeric, cinnamon and ginger stirred in for a bit of a flavour kick.

Serve with baby marrow or pumpkin oven roast fries.


Mexican Chicken Burger (With chili, onion, and guacamole)

Pan fry a chicken fillet in and sprinkle with paprika, salt, pepper and garlic.

Pan fry brinjal, lengths slowly and allow to caramelize.

Chop a chili and some spring onion and fry next to the brinjal.

Make a fresh tomato, coriander leave and onion salsa.

slice avo and sprinkle with paprika, stack and enjoy!


Hope my  little bun invention will bring  you and yours some new low carb joy!

In aBUNdance

Yours truly tryingly…





























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