Smooth(ie) Operator… Swopping juicing for smoothies – do the carb-smart groove!


{Berry Buchu Smoothie}

I get such deep emotions when I look at this picture!  This is my once a month kidney tonic.

I gave it a healthy name, and it is 100% true, but in all honesty it is just plain awesome!

There are however some do’s and don’ts to consider when on a low carb diet, especially when it comes to juicing fruit and veggies.

Let me give you my opinion on the matter:


Indeed, so noble sounding.  I was a juice fan for a loooooong time!  Carrot juice, beet juice, with added apples, oranges and ginger.

I could just feel it cleansing me from tip to toe!  Taking nasties out, feeding my cells concentrated vitamins and minerals.

I juiced, I also eliminated all fats, dairy and meat from my diet.

After 4 months, I almost died!  I could not function properly.  I felt tired ALL the time.  I went to my Doc and he told me very sternly that my cholesterol was incredibly dangerously low.  He also explained that too low a cholesterol level was worse than too high levels of cholesterol.  He told me to go home and eat eggs and a lamb chop.  He said that the fat in that lamb chop will save my life!

It did!

What went wrong on this approach?

I ate a very very high carb diet with hardly any fats to sustain me.

When we juice fruit and veggies, we extract the beautiful fibre our digestive tract needs to be healthy. Leaving really only concentrated carbs in the form of sugar. (Especially the veggies that makes the best juice bases like carrots and beets and fruit of course)

We also eliminate the process that slows down how quickly those sugar get absorbed into our bloodstreams.

A cup carrot juice has 22 grams of carbs! You need at least 4 – 5 big carrots for a cup of juice.  Again when you put it into perspective of 30 grams of carbs a day, it changes the picture a bit.  If weight loss or controlling insulin spikes and avoiding inflammation driven disease is your goal, a single cup of juice with apple and carrot can take you over 40 grams of carbs!

When juicing you can easily drink all your daily carb allowance in a single sitting.  Plus, you eat more servings of veg than you would have consumed in a meal.

Have a look at this fruit carb counter:



The problem with fruit juice is that a single serving of these fruit cannot fill a cup.  You need a few!  So you can just imagine the amount of carbs.  It can pull you out of fat burning mode in no time and put you right back into burning sugar for energy and storing fat.

If you can manage to juice veggies like spinach, cabbage, marrows, celery and cucumbers and add a few berries to sweeten, I guess it will be fine. (Does not sound too yummy honestly) But in my opinion you can put those veggies to better use in scrumptious side dishes, soups or stews and still benefit from all the fibre that encourages a healthy digestive system.

My  juicing SWOP – OUT Suggestion would be the following:

SHIFT TO SMOOTHIES 😉  I know, it is a sacrifice of monstrous proportions!


 This recipe yields  2 – 3 servings is filled with fibre and has oodles of feel – good properties.


You can make any combination of tea and lowest carb portioned fruit (as per suggested serving size above)

Green tea and raspberry, Rooibos tea and strawberry, Sweet Chamomile tea and a chunk of Winter melon.  Creamy cucumber, avo and  Ginger tea…

You can make loads of awesome combo’s.  Herbal teas have beautiful health properties and combining it with a low carb, fibre rich fruit is being truly “carb smart”.  Not only are you taking in much needed fluids, you are also keeping sugar spikes at bay. As long as you still keep in mind that you can not have one 3 times a day every day.  Fruit remains nature’s candy… use sparingly and keep the carbs in mind within the bigger eating picture.



{serves 2}

These are a bit more decadent and absolutely like this heading suggests, should be seen as a meal in a glass!

Remember fat is the most energy dense food per gram and a smoothie like this will take you far while also taking up the 5 -7 grams of carbs of a breakfast or lunch.

Again combinations are endless…  You can even leave out the milk and rather add a rooibos, chai tea or a water base to save 2 – 3 carbs

per serving.

Add a new level with spices and herbs like cinnamon, cardamom and mints…

 Now I’ve got you thinking of awesome combo’s right?

How smooth was that move!

Yours in Low carb,



One thought on “Smooth(ie) Operator… Swopping juicing for smoothies – do the carb-smart groove!

  1. Thank you Ine… One week ago I started the LCHF way of eating…Your recipes and wonderful hints have made it possible for me to follow this sustainable way of eating.
    I used to juice, just bought an expensive juicer and giving it up, was the biggest sacrife. Hence, your article brings much solace. Thank you for the Smoothie recipes. You are a life saver and thank jou for allowing me to learn from you!!!!

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