Pumpkin Gnocchi – The darnest little low-carb pasta thingies

I never really cared for gnocchi.  I think potato pasta just never spoke to me.  But being on low carb meant NO pasta at all!  So innovation had to happen to “decarb” some form of pasta…and good old gnocchi came to my rescue! Overall, I simply substitute pasta dishes with sauteed cabbage strips or baby marrow ribbons. But If getting the texture of pasta is something you kinda long for, this recipe will do the trick.  It’s also super easy because you don’t have to cook these babies in water.  You simply make the batter, roll cut and fry them in a shallow pan.

Watermark - Pumpkin Gnocci



12o g Room Temperature Cream cheese

1 Cup Cooked, Mashed Pumpkin/ Squash – still warm

4 Tbsp Psyllium Husks

1/2 Cup ground Almonds

1 Egg



1. Beat the egg and cream cheese together till fluffy.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well, using a fork, for about a minute or so.

3. Allow the batter to thicken and cool for 10 minutes.

4. Make a sausage shape with the batter onto a buttered surface/glass cutting board.

5. Cut into four even strips.


6.  Now roll each strip into a thicker snake shape and then cut into about 8 – 10 pieces.


7. Pan fry 8 -10 at a time in a pan barely covered in coconut oil and make sure to turn regularly in order to  brown all sides.


8.  Now repeat with the rest of the batter.  Allow the gnocchi to cool down and set.

9. Now make your trusted and favourite  pasta topping and scoop the hot, thick saucy topping over the gnocchi in order to warm it up again. I make a basic beef mince with tomato puree, garlic, mixed herbs and grated parmesan.



10.  Or you can saute spring onion, sliced mushrooms, rosa tomatoes, garlic and spices add a cup cream, a cup grated cheese and crispy fried bacon or alternatively chicken pieces. Allow to simmer and reduce slowly and… Bon Appetite!


Yes, you will be adored!

These make great toddler snacks too. Just grate some cheese over the gnocchi and there you go!




2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Gnocchi – The darnest little low-carb pasta thingies

  1. Thanks so much for posting this recipe, it is so clever & was enjoyed by all my dinner guests. I however did find that pan frying them in oil/ butter caused them to ‘melt’, which was a huge pain (in the pan) LOL. I solved the problem by dry ‘frying’ in a non stick pan. Thanks again!

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