LCHF Lunch box challenge … the reality after sandwiches, much like Elvis, has left the building!

The secret to this theme is absolutely thinking outside the box.  But really, you don’t need to be a creative giant to enter the land of LCHF lunch box bliss.  You just need 5 very practical things really:

1. You need to know how incredibly low in nutrients, and high in allergens bread in our country (And most other countries) is. This way other options out weighs the convenience side of bread. (The TRUTH about the bread we love…)

2.  You need to multitask dinner into a time to cook a meal and pop a potential lunchbox candidate into the oven or pan at the same time. (Boil eggs,  cook chicken sausage, meatballs & bacon, grate or cube the cheese, slice the veggies)

3. Plan and adjust dinner portions that could easily make it’s way into a lunchbox in a slight different format.  Think chicken wings, an extra steak cut into strips, drumsticks, mini meatballs on a stick, a leftover chop, use chicken breast, cubes and make mini kebabs.  Invest in sosatie sticks.  Messy foods handle better skewered onto a stick.  And this way… you turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Example 1Example 2.

4. Invest in smaller bowls that can fit into a lunchbox or lunch boxes with dividers, especially for toddlers. Think about the things that get kids excited commercially, bright colours and simple silly things that are packaged in new ways.


5.  Take one day in a week and make treats you can either refrigerate or freeze and pop into lunch boxes as the week progresses. Examples of these would be, tiny bowls of frozen yoghurt, brain booster bars, low carb cookies, muffins, brownies,  homemade chocolate candies filled with nuts, seeds or berries, chocolate clusters, mini cheesecakes, no bake balls etc. 

Watermark - lunchbox 1 & 2


1. Boiled egg wrapped in cheese sprinkled on a slice of roast beef.

Blueberries and pecans

Cream cheese cucumber sandwiches

carrot coins and cherry tomatoes


Simply cut a boiled egg in half and place it flat side down on a slice of roast beef that’s been sprinkled with cheese.  Roll and stick a toothpick through it!


2. Kiwi and strawberry kebab. Salami and guacamole taco’s. Tomato, olive and feta salad. Pecans.



1 ripe avo, cut into chunks

2 Tbsp cream cheese

squeeze of lemon

Salt & pepper to taste

Half a handful fresh coriander leaves. (optional)

2 Tbsp double cream yoghurt

In a food processor or blender, mix all the ingredients together and scoop a few tablespoons full in a slice salami, lightly fold in half and dress with a sprinkle of cheese.

Watermark - Lunchbox 3&4

3. Steak slices, cream cheese, tomato and rocket sandwich

feta chunks

4 naartjie slices

veggie sticks

Chocolate macadamia filled homemade chocolate

Steak sandwiches:

This one is as easy as prepare an extra steak for dinner and slice into strips.  This hits the spot for adults and older kids. Filling wise, you can play with low carb mustard, mayo, grated cheese or cream cheese and a dash of hot sause for hubby… etc.



Macadamia truffle,

veggie coins,

kiwi and strawberry kebab,

free range chicken sausage chunks and cheese kebab. 


Macadamia & Blueberry truffles.

IMG_0435 IMG_0432


These guys are super easy and quick to make.


1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

1/4 cup coconut creme

4 Tbsp Cocoa

3 Tbsp Xylitol

In a saucepan on medium heat, allow the coconut oil and xylitol to dissolve and melt.  Add the cocoa and coconut cream and whisk briskly for 2 minutes.  (As soon as a creamy, thick, glossy consistency is achieved)

Use a silicone mould and add your choice of berries, nuts, grated orange rind or toasted seeds.  Pour spoonfuls of chocolate into each mold and pop into the freezer for 15 minutes or till your ready to pack them.

I place mine upside down on muffin liners.


Watermark - lunchbox 5 & 6

5.  Bacon or black forest ham wrapped around a cream cheese and red pepper filling.

Quick steamed broccoli florets with grated cheese,

4 naartjie slices,

half an egg


6.  Free Range chicken sausage lollipop,

sliced strawberries,

cucumber stuffed with cream cheese,

boiled egg


Watermark - Lunchbox 7&8

7.Boiled egg,

celery sticks,

strawberries in low carb choco nut spread (almost like nutella)

Free range chicken sausage links. (Add low carb mayo or mustard if needed)


Choco – nut spread or dip:

Use the same recipe and method as macadamia and blueberry truffles as mentioned above.

Stir a few tablespoons of nut butter with equal amounts of chocolate sauce.  Stir and serve with berries or a few apple slices. 



Meatloaf sandwiches with guacamole filling or cream cheese filling.
Quick steamed broccoli with grated cheese,
veggie sticks,
3 naartjie slices
Meatloaf sandwiches:
Preheat your oven to 190 deg C.
Press about 1 kg mince (Beef, pork, lamb or chicken) into a cookie sheet pan, and flatten evenly with a rolling pin.
Sprinkle with spices, salt & pepper of your preference.
Bake for about 15 – 20 minutes and then place under the grill until browned slightly. (The meat will shrink to some extend and there will be pan juices that you can pour out.)
Cut the meat into same sized strips, and then rectangles or square blocks.  Allow to cool.  Now you can fill them and make meaty sandwiches using the grilled part of the meat as the “crusty” outside.  These will cover your lunch box needs for a few days.  They also freeze well if you want to pop portioned bags in the freezer. (Just don’t keep or freeze them filling and all.)
Hope this will give you a kick start into the world of low carb lunch boxes.  Your kids will be super well nourished and ready to tackle a day at school without the after – brake sugar spike.  
No way a commercial sandwich can even come close to the nutritional value packed into these lunch boxes.
It simply is the smart choice and the good news is, most of these can be made the night before.  I understand that time is of the essence!
Hopefully this will help you find your lunch box mojo…for know… I have almost 20 other examples for you in my cookbook that will be released  a few months from now.  Will keep you posted on the progress.
Yours in “families rocking the low carb lifestyle together”… Inè x






9 thoughts on “LCHF Lunch box challenge … the reality after sandwiches, much like Elvis, has left the building!

  1. Thank you so much – I’m so excited for your cookbook to hit the shelves.
    Did you perhaps receive my messages about the buttermilk bread? I wanted to know what I can use instead of the coconut – can I maybe increase the Almond meal and add equal amounts of other nut meals, as I’m not too fond of coconut – thank you so much.

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