Bulk Ice Tea and Better than Banana Protein Smoothie

Ice Tea

This is our go to beverage as a family.

We make different Ice tea flavours in bulk 10 liter containers, especially in Wellington’s hot summer months. (Not called HELLington for no reason) This iced tea has saved my life as far as keeping up a good milk supply for our twin girls too. I drink it as is or use it as a base for some protein smoothies. It makes a lot of carb smart sense to replace the bulk of the smoothie liquid with this carb free tea.

My newest favourite tea blends are the LAAGER vanilla custard and caramel fudge flavoured teas. I mix these with regular rooibos teabags for a budget friendly beautiful tea blend that costs a fraction of any store bought beverage per liter. Also commercial iced teas are FILLED with carbs and will cause a weight loss stall like you won’t believe.  It is never a good idea to drink your daily allowance of carbs.

I use stevia to sweeten this tea. It really works with the rooibos blend.



20 Flavoured rooibos teabags

10 Regular Rooibos teabags

2 level teaspoons stevia powder

8 plus liters of water

In a medium sized saucepan, infuse all the teabags in about 2 liters of boiling water. Gently simmer on medium heat for about 5 – 8 minutes. Add the stevia and allow to cool. Remove all the teabags, making sure to squeeze all excess water back into the pot.

Mix the tea concentrate and 6 or 7 liters of water into your bulk container.  I use one with a convenient tap that fits right into my refrigerator. Just handy dandy and ready to quench a thirst with a huge  anti- oxidant filled boost at the same time.

Yields 8-9 liters of  healthy carb free tea at less than the price of a 2 liter diet soda. Carb smart and body – kind indeed!

Pumpkin Smoothie

Pumpkin has been the underdog since Cinderella times. Now stop frowning and listen up. THIS IS AN AWESOME SMOOTHIE! As long as you can get past the shock of putting a vegetable into a smoothie, you are in for such a treat.

Pumpkin has more potassium than bananas. “Banana people” however always makes it sound like a banana is the only way to obtain a much needed dose of potassium. SIMPLY NOT TRUE. We really like bananas for their sweetness, and sweetness measures into carbs. A regular sized banana will give you a sugar content of about six teaspoons of sugar, Crazy I know!  Pumpkin on the other side is filled with beta carotenes, potassium and b- vitamins at only 5 grams of carbs per 100g.  Really a carb smart option.

I add a bit of pea protein isolate to my pumpkin smoothie, which helps me to consume a bit more protein for the purpose of keeping a good milk supply going.  I use pea protein instead of whey, mainly because whey protein can cause a sugar spike or lead to serious weight stalls.

This smoothie offers a great balance between lower carbs and higher fats in the right ratio.


2 heaped Tbsp cooked pumpkin

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp xylitol

1 Tbsp butter (soft or melted)

1 cup Iced Tea (As above)

1/2 cup Coconut cream

(or 1/4 cup coconut cream and 1/4 cup cream)

1 Tbsp Protein Powder.

In a blender, add all the ingredients and blend for a minute or so. Serve over crushed ice or drink as is.

This smoothie is a great low carb meal in a glass. Yields 1 serving at about 6 grams of carbs.


5 thoughts on “Bulk Ice Tea and Better than Banana Protein Smoothie

  1. Hallooooo

    Jippiieeee – I received my first mail from you guys – thought I pressed all the wrong buttons!!!

    Luv these two recipes…. just as I was becoming a bit thirsty and tired of water with or without ice.

    Keep it local lotsaluv Santi

    On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 11:37 PM, Low – carb is lekker. A Proudly South

  2. Hi Ine

    I bought your book in Knysna and then came back home to Cape Town and bought a whole lot more of your books! That tells a story – I just love your recipes.

    Please send a photograph of your babies.

    Bev Bakker (Went paleo 8 months ago and at the age of 60 lost 13kgs having spent my entire life trying to loose weight!)

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