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Bio: When Germany met France, Inè Reynierse was born (on South African soil). Her parents welcomed, with this bundle of joy, the desire for a production that needed a place to happen - on two legs! So I am a writer, performer, voice artist, copywriter, actress, new found foodie and idea merchant! I love packaging ideas in a fresh way. My projects vary from children's radio stories to corporate add campaigns and everything in between. When I have time, I indulge in spoken word poetry and love performing in a dinner theatre cabaret every once in a blue moon. My mother tongue is Afrikaans, a beautiful language that always sounds like singing! My passion for pictures and creative concepts is currently manefesting strongly in the shape of a low carb, high fat recipe cookbook. Passion requires energy, and energy requires food. Good food! I frankly love to take on the nearly impossible. I love passion - driven, creative communication. Whether a cookbook or a script! Excellence is what happens when passion meets, talent and stubborn willpower.

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    • Hi Rina! I have made one before. You are on the right track! I have not used “kook en geniet” will look up my recipe and post soon. It sounds like you figured the swop outs! I just added a tiny bit of Psyllium husks to bind the (milk) custard part. Let me know how it goes!

  2. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog!! I’ve been eating LCHF for two years now, and recently just moved back to SA. I was worried I would be all alone in Low Carb Land, but I see it’s taking off like wild fire here in SA! So thrilled!! Thank you so much for sharing all your recipes! As a fellow food blogger I know the time and effort that goes into it. It’s great to see other South Africans also blogging about xylitol and coconut flour! 😉

  3. Oh my hat!! I am having a tea party for my birthday this month, so your new snacky goodies of muffins and caramel balls have arrived just in time!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! One thing though, when is your cookbook coming out? I have been keeping a file of all the yummy and useful recipes on your site, a book would be wonderful 🙂

  4. Kondig asb aan wanneer jou resepteboek beskikbaar gaan wees. Ek sal jou facebook blad dophou. Ons is baie opgewonde en kan nie meer wag nie. Alle sterkte met die geboortepyne, ek glo dit sal glad verloop!

  5. hi, what a wonderful find your blog is!! I totally share your spirit of discovery and passion for food and health. Saw such an easy looking hamburger on an babymarrow bun, I think, promised to make it for my son and girlfriend today for lunch, but have now spent the whole morning looking for that recipe – and stil haven’t found it. Oh dear I am new to this so not sure how to bind the veg into a bun shape. How about adding a search button to your blog, or am I being stupid here?

  6. Hi there, thank you for a lovely page, where can i get a eating plan for myself and hubby to follow your method. It is absolutely fab to find a SA page that can help me.

  7. Hi, I have xylitol as a syrup. Do your recipes use the xylitol that looks like sugar or the syrup? If I use the syrup, how do I convert it to the granules?

    • Hi Finzie, I use the granules, just to keep things a bit more familiar when baking. I have no idea what the ratio sugar to granules would be at the moment. The product should say somewhere, otherwise, start by trying 1/2 tablespoon syrup per tablespoon sugar.

    • Hi Leonie, Low fat milk and cheese actually have the same or more carbs than regular full fat. You can rather try to leave the dairy all together for a week or two. Some people struggle unknowingly with dairy as an allergen. See if you omit dairy and substitute with coconut milk or cream if your results pick up. You still need to have fat as part of your primary fuel. Fat does not make fat, carbs does. Nuts, yoghurt and veggies like butternut and onions can be a much bigger culprit. Regards, Inè

  8. Hello!
    Ek sukkel om gewig te verloor. Is nou al van Mei op die tipe eetplan. Laaste 2 weke al suiwel en kaas en vrugte als uitgesny… Maar die skaal staan vas… Ek raak moedeloos! Wil sommer hele bak roomys by myself opeet!!! Ek drink nie baie nie. Is nie baie dors nie. Seker so 4 glase water en 2 koppies koffie per dag. Eet in oggend eier en spek… Soms met groente… Eenmal per dag slaai groente en vleis. Dalk halwe hand vol neute. En dan shake of weer vleis en groente/ slaai in die aand… Soms is ek glad nie honger die oggend of aand nie, dan eet ek sommer niks.
    Wat doen en verkeerd? Asb help my!

    • Hi there, just recently discovered your blog and I can’t wait to get started on your recipes! I live in Beirut but will be coming down to Jozi for an extended visit in November. I have searched high and low for Xylitol in Beirut for months and months with zero success, and now that I’ll be home again for a spell I’d just love to load up on it and bring it back with me in bulk. Please say that you have a local, well stocked and reliable source for it? I would be eternally grateful if you could share your source of this elusive sweetener!

      • Hi Mapesa, we do have several reliable sources indeed. Dischem, Clicks and all heath stores stock xylitol in South Africa. Dischem might have the most competitive prices for you though. Kind Regards, Inè

    • Haai Adele, almal reageer anders op die tipe eetstyl. Meeste mense vind baie goeie resultate wanneer hulle tussen 20 en 30 gram “carbs” per dag eet. Dis wat ons ook maar geving het indien gewigs verlies jou doelwit is. Maak ook seker jy kry genoeg gesonde olies in. Coconut olie is ‘n goeie metabolisme “booster” Versigtig dat jy nie dalk te veel proteine inneem nie. Verder moet jy probeer meer vloeistowwe inneem en seker maak jy kry genoeg vesel in. Dis baie baie belangrik. Laat weet my wat jou bevindings is vandat jy hierdie boodskappie gestuur het? Groete, Inè

  9. Hi There! LOVE love LOve LOVE LOVE your blog. It makes my journey on opting for a healthier lifestyle so much more fabulous!!! Thanks so much!!!! I have a teeny question which someone could possibly assist me with. (I would definitely prefer a Cold Smoothie for Breakfast on the warm summery days) I have bought all the ingredients, but just want to know, (FLAXSEED) do I use as is … or do I have to grind the seeds before adding to Smoothie??? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Chantelle! Thanks for the kind words. You need to gring your flax seeds to get the most fibre, omega 3 goodness and lignant cancer fighting properties from it. If you use them as a whole seed you basically just have some fibre without the rest of the goodness. Regards Inè

  10. Hi Ine. Absolutely LOVE your blog. (And your phrasing! 🙂 Did you mention Cookbook? When Where How, I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hoi Inè! Ik heb net je blog gevonden, wat een heerlijke recepten! Ik probeer al een hele tijd LCHF te eten maar soms is het zo moeilijk, zeker als ik weinig tijd heb… Ik vind gelukkig veel inspiratie bij jou! 🙂

    Groetjes uit België!
    (PS, ik hou enorm van Afrikaans. Prachtige taal, en toch fantastisch dat mensen aan de andere kant van de wereld elkaar kunnen verstaan!)

    Hi Inè, I’ve only just discovered your blog and I love your recipes and ideas! I’ve been trying to maintain a LCHF lifestyle, but sometimes it’s so hard, especially when time is limited… Luckily your blog provides me with loads of inspiration! 🙂

    Regards from Belgium!
    (PS, I really love Afrikaans. Beautiful language, and isn’t it wonderful how people around the globe can understand each other!)

  12. Hi, I would like to speak to you concerning a possible speaking engagement and possible performance. Please contact me via twitter, Facebook, email or skype.

  13. Hi Iné

    What a discovery your page has been – I am forever grateful as it feels as if your page is more valuable than even the Real Meal Revolution page. I love the recipes, love the way you describe so that anyone can understand and I LOVE THAT YOU WORK ON A BUDGET! We live in Namiba and produce here are extremely expensive. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Almonds over here are more or less R300/kg – I just cannot afford it.

    So looking forward to reading againg!

  14. hi
    trying to buy your book, where can i get it, tried adapted muesli recipe from one of the banting facebook pages, its devine, but i think i baked it a little too long, will try again.

  15. Hallo Inè, after months of following you silently. I have had to come out of the woodwork and congratulate you on your wonderful blog – I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. No pressure to accept. But certainly to keep up the good work x

  16. Hi Ine! Hoop dit gaan goed met jou en die kids daar in die nat Wellington 😉
    Ek het paar weke terug saam met my suster by Bread and butter in Sunningdale geeet en raai wat? Hulle het n hele bladsy op hulle menu wat LCHF kos EN soetgoed is! Ek het die heerlikste Thai Hoender slaai met sesame sade, appel en die heerlikste Thai (wat proe soos n peanut sous) slaaisous by. Doen jouself n guns en treat jou man en kinders (hulle is baie kindervriendelik!) vir iets lekkers daar en dan proe jy daai sous dat jy vir ons kan uitwerk wat daarin is en hoe om dit te maak, groot seblief! Liefde, Marida

  17. Hi Ine, Can we expect another of your fab recipe books? Have your last one and it has become my number one recipe book! I am sure you are really busy at home with your gorgous children, so I expect to be patient! 8).
    Have just found your Pumpkin Smoothie ….high in potassium …yeah! Have been diagnosed with low potassium and on meds….so thank you….and fingers crossed it works better than the med.
    Keep well and bless you for your hard work! Jeanie

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