“LCHF” – Savoury Recipe Archive

%22Stoepkos%22 day3Stoepkos day 3 recipe

Low Carb Recipe weekend

Crackers and toppings recipe b

Stoepkos 1  Stoepkos 1 recipe

Low Carb Recipe 123 Pampoenkoekies

Veggies 2 Veggies 1

Low Carb Recipe weekend

Low Carb Recipe luncbox

Low Carb Recipe Bobotie pic  Low Carb Recipe Bobotie 2

Chicken 2 way


11 thoughts on ““LCHF” – Savoury Recipe Archive

  1. Best recipes!!! LIving in NZ, they are sooo far behind with LCHF and their recipes are pathetic. Thanks for the great selection and the photo’s. I will be trying some of the burger buns today.
    Keep up the good work. Hou veral van die Afrikaanse comments tussenin 🙂

  2. Marvellous selection of recipes! Thank you.! For further inspiration take out your old cookery books. The ones you put away because they didn’t use low fat ingredients. There are gems waiting to be found and remember Julia Childs said “Snack food is what you eat while the steak is cooking.”

  3. This is absolutely amazing. I’m a sucker for cooking and these recipes, that comply to LCHF, are to die for. I’ve been searching for dessert recipes as well and came across yours. Thank you thank you!

  4. I’ve been LCHF for about a month now…lost 4 kgs and then went on a weekend to the sea side with 4 kids…we had a ball. I really find that one MUST exclude that daily glass of plonk (I know, I know) and ALL carbs. Then weight falls but more importantly – you simply feel fantastic. No more afternoon desk slump, a happy disposition and high productivity.

    One of my favourite dishes:
    Green Beens, Brocci, Carrots and Baby marrow – Steamed and then mixed together with some garlic and butter; Sometimes I add an onion but not always. This replaces any pasta – Top veggies with bolagnaise, sprinkle with Cheese and Voila – Dinner and Lunch and then some for freezing in a lunch box for an incase day!
    Can’t say that the Cauliflour mash has done me any favours – although Cauli-‘rice’ – not bad with chicken curry

    Breakfast is still a symphony of eggs OR 1 apple, (pink Ladies are my current favourite) Greek yoghurt topped with seeds and a couple of pecans from the gardern (and also when I can get one of the minions to shell a couple at a time!).

    Good luck one and all….

  5. I would like to know if possible what the breakdown of fats, carbs and proteins are for bobotie please I would like to put it into my fitness pal!I have your book but it only gave carbs!
    Thanking you in advance

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