“LCHF” – Sweet Recipe Archive

This is comfort food at it's best! Low carb, LCHF, wheat free, sugar free, Gluten free.

This is comfort food at it’s best!
Low carb, LCHF, wheat free, sugar free, Gluten free.

Low Carb  Berry cake - logoLow Carb Chocolate Butterscotch cake

Low Carb is lekker - cheesecake picLow Carb is lekker - cheesecake recipe

Low Carb is lekker - smoothie

Low Carb is lekker Muffins



Midnight mug Midnight mug2


17 thoughts on ““LCHF” – Sweet Recipe Archive

  1. Hi Ine
    You mention Xylitol in all these recipes. Can I use Stevia powder instead and if so what quantities?

  2. Those brownies and romany creams look absolutely amazing!
    I got given a brain booster bar thing from your website this weekend, and it was soooooo delicious, there is hope for this lifestyle after all! Just need to convince my mom to stop supplying the house with so much sugar and flour and stuff. Exciting and delicious journey ahead!

    • Hi Maleza. Stevia powder is 300 times sweeter than sugar. Xylitol has 75% the sweetness of sugar. 1 Cup xylitol would be equal to 1 tsp stevia. And 1 tsp xylitol would be a fraction of a knife tip’s worth of stevia.Hope this helps.

  3. Just discovered your site!! Oh YUMMMM! How wonderful to eat food that makes me feel GOOD. You’ve taken the fear out of food and made it fabulous and fun! Can’t wait for your book! WHEN and WHERE can I get it?

  4. Thanks so much! I bought your book Low Carb is lekker. Best book I ever bought!! I use it almost every day!! Will there be a Low Carb is lekker nr 2? I LOVE your recipies!!!

  5. i made the midnight snack in a mug - but added but but added a block of lindt dark to the batter before i put it into the micro. jst dropped the piece into the middle. it turned out to be heaven in a mug!!!

  6. Everyone should definately buy the book. I have made a few of the recipes in my 2 weeks of owning it and my family absolutely LOVE the food! ive made the aubergine and spinach lasagna, the boerewors cottage pie, the mini meatball italian tomato soup (BIGGEST hit with my family since they discovered KFC by the way) and a few others I can’t remember…Ina do you have a recipe for snack bars? I am currently paying R29 for a snack bar and would rally prefer to make my own…(i am away from home for a week and i dont have my book with me 😦 )

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