Low Carb Questions and Answers

1. What is a low carb diet



2. Low carb myths.


3. What is ketosis?


4.  What is the deal with coconut oil?


5. Why Grains? Is even whole grain a no-no?


6. Is  LCHF  safe for kids?



7. What is IR?


8. Good fats and bad fats.



9.  What is healthy weight loss?


10.  Why am I not losing weight?



14 thoughts on “Low Carb Questions and Answers

  1. Hi Adele…

    I, at 32 and fit and ‘healthy’, have just had a stroke and need to seriously change something in my life.
    What about pregnancy?
    My wife is at 16 weeks, and we are seriously wanting to do the whole LCHF way of life. Is it recommended? Do we know what the effects on an unborn child are?


    • Hi Brad! Wow, sounds like a lot to deal with. Thanks for sharing. I would like to supply you with the right advice. Let me talk to a few people and I would get back to you asap. In the meanwhile, cutting sugar won’t be a problem for either you or your wife.It would be VERY beneficial in fact! I would like to check a healthy carb grams per day for you both. Will get back to you on this matter soon. Regards, Inè

    • Brad, I think a LCHF diet will be perfect for you and your wife! Carbs usually contains gluten and gluten is very rarely good for anyone. Especially for your recovery. You have to cut out WHEAT all together and take a Tbsp of coconut oil every day. I would not recommend the Take Charge challenge for you guys right now. I would suggest, follow my swop out system and get used to cutting out gluten and sugar. Bake and cook to your hearts content. Simply do a maintenance lifestyle of 50 -70 grams of carbs per day. If you are not already, follow my recipes on FB. http://www.facebook.com/lekkerlowcarb. This will be an awesome investment in your and your family’s health. Please see if you can get Dr Perlmutter’s book; Grainbrain. It will REALLY come in super handy for you both!

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  3. Hi Ine. Having trouble working out how many carbs I am eating a day. Maybe I’m just being dof. How do I do it. Please help.
    Kind Regards

  4. Beste Inge,

    So baie dankie vir jou heerlike resepte!

    Graag verneem ek wat is die LCHF opinie oor: (a) canderel sjokolade (bubbles het bv 10g koolhidrate (2.6g suiker) op ‘n stafie van 30g / die “dark” sjokalde het 9g koolhidrate (0.6g suiker) op ‘n stafie van 30g); (b) koffie (gewoon of eerder decaff – met geen suiker en room); en (c) extra light droeë wit wyn (bv Robertson’s)?

    Ek hoor graag van jou.



  5. Hello Ine…you are my hero! I have been following this way of Life since the beginning of the year and the benefits are irrefutable! But THANK YOU for all your trouble in making things so attractive and easy to follow! Taking the time to work out the carbs and then illustrating everything…wow!

  6. Hallo Inè, Ek voel soos ‘n valskermspringer, gereed, maar baie senuweeagtig om te spring! Ek en my man oorweeg om met die LCHF leefstyl te begin, maar nadat ek vanmiddag op jou website afgekom het, is ek sò beïndruk! Jy maak my skoon opgewonde om hierdie nuwe leefstyl te begin. Baie dankie vir alles wat jy met ons deel! Amanda, Worcester

  7. Love the Iced Tea recipe but I cannot find Laager Vanilla Custard and Caramel Fudge flavoured Tea. Can someone please tell me where these products are available?

  8. Love your book, love your recipes and thank you for everything!!! My problem is at 67yrs have PMR (polymhagia rheumatica… inflamation of muscles). Take cortisone tablets and its a battle to loose weight. I am getting there ..reducing weight slowly with LCHF, lost 7kgs but its taken 10months.. Believe others with PMR or taking cortisone suffer with weight gain? Advice would be great re the right /wrong food (if any) to have while taking this medication.
    Your help with all these delicous recipes and books….. its so encouraging for all of us to be healthy
    Keep going girl your doing a fantastic job! Jeanie

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