Ninja Chai Tea – (The most comforting anti – oxidant rich drink with a triple fat kick)

On a low carb diet, healthy fats are like fuel.  Superior fuel really!  It is like the exclusive jet fuel that propels and allow you to excel, really!  Boosting metabolism, establishing stable energy levels and bringing a clarity to the brain.

In my experience, I have seen people having a hard time to “file” fat intake on a LCHF lifestyle properly.  I constantly see people eating more protein, less carbs and a bit of fat.  It is hard to fathom the role fat needs to play when all we have ever been told is to cut it off, skim it off or throw it away.

If you are an active person, and you need fuel…

If you feel like you let your mind wander and it never came back… 😉

If you are following a strict ketogenic diet for health or weight loss purposes…

or if you struggle to juggle a busy lifestyle and eating enough healthy fats during your work day…

…allow me to introduce you to the  – sound the “ghong” please –  NINJA CHAI TEA!  (One of the perks of this job is to name my inventions – simply thrilling)

Let me tell you, I currently sleep around 3 – 4 hours a night and nurse twins, this drink is a great pick – me –  up  that also helps me to cope better mentally and physically. And yes, I selfishly designed it around my needs and current coffee limitations. Also, we had the sniffles entering our household a week or so ago, so it made sense to combine the germ fighting immune boosting properties of ginger and cinnamon along with the anti – inflammatory properties of coconut oil and the anti – oxidant boost of the rooibos tea.  So like our friend Winnie the Pooh always says: “Sharing is caring” and I care about you, my fellow low carbie. So let me share this little gem with you.

It is a meal in minutes and will kick you into fat burning mode before you know it. It is creamy, comforting and lekker local when made with rooibos tea (you could use black tea) and off course the chai spice mix ads just the right amount of foreign whimsy!  It is simply divine.

Ninja chai tea


4 rooibos teabags (Black teabags will work too)

2 cups of water (500 ml)

1 tsp ground mixed spice (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger)

1/2 tsp ground ginger powder or a chunk of fresh peeled ginger

1 cinnamon stick (Optional)

4 whole cloves

6 crushed, whole cardamom seeds

1 tsp black peppercorns

1 Tbsp coconut oil

1Tbsp butter

2 Tbsp Cream (You can use a bit more to taste – but this is the only component that will push up the carbs)

stevia powder (optional)


In a saucepan on high heat, combine the water teabags and spices. Allow to boil for a few minutes before removing from the heat to steep for 5 minutes.

Add all three fats to a blender. Use a sieve to strain the spiced tea mix into the blender.


Add a knife point of debittered stevia if you would prefer a bit sweeter tea.


Blend for a minute or until all the fats have emulsified and you see a creamy, frothy, rich consistency.


Sprinkle with a bit of mixed spice or ground cinnamon.


Yields 2 servings at about 1 gram of carbs per cup.

Go forth, and share your Ninja powers with the world, and remember to smile and be awesome ok!

Yours in smart fueling,



a-BUN-dance! The BUN is back! Low Carb – wheat free – gluten free & sugar free, off course!



Maybe I have some  low carb good news after all…


I have been experimenting with some bun recipes and some bun alternatives.  I don’t know why, but there is just something easy going and super comforting about the old HAMBURGER!  So, in under three minutes and under 3 carbs per bun, I think these recipe suggestions should hit the spot somewhere!

YOU WILL NEED A COFFEE GRINDER!!!  This will be the single biggest low carb gift you can give yourself for as little as R200.00

Then, before you know it… you can take seeds and nuts to the next levels in baking!  This is your primary base for flour.  And if you go this route, your coffee grinder will be paid off within a month.  You will simply save a bunch on expensive or hard to come by flours and meals.

You can make meal (a type of flour with skin on) with:

 Raw Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts, Pumpkin seeds

For flour use:

Blanched Almonds, Macadamias, Regular desiccated fine Coconut, Flax seeds, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds.

Here is an easy step by step guide to some of my early experimentations.  Mix and match as you please.

These buns can be used in a sandwich press to make grilled sandwiches or pan toasted for a great hamburger experience.

They  are best served hot from the toasting pan, and are extremely filling.  I would however recommend the Pecan or Almond for a lunchbox. If you do not like coconut you can always do half nut meal and half flax seed.

Have fun!

Flaxseed Bun

Coconut Bun

Sunflower Bun

Bun recipe

Abundance of bun Options




Bun sandwich ideas

NOW… for the really good stuff!



The Ham Burger (Bacon and Beef Burger)

Mix bacon bits,  half  beef and half pork mince, spice with grated apple, thyme and your favourite flavoured salt mix.

Form into balls and flatten between your palms to form a sturdy patty.  Fry in lard or coconut oil.

Serve with rocket, grilled plumb tomatoes and brinjal rounds fried in lard/coconut oil.


The Lamb Burger (Lamb or Beef with pesto, feta & tzatziki)

Use your choice of lamb or beef, spice with salt, black pepper, coriander & garlic.

Form patties and fry in coconut oil, lard or tally.

Make tzatziki with a few sprigs finely chopped mint leaves, few spoons double cream yogurt, handful finely chopped cucumber,

& black pepper. Serve with pesto, feta and diced tomatoes.

You can serve this burger on any bun or on a giant mushroom.


Moroccan Beef or Lamb Burger (Served with feta, coriander)

Mix a sprinkle of moroccan spice rub into your preferred meat, form into patties and fry in the fat of your choice.

Dress your burger with feta, fried sweet onions and coriander or make a mayo with a bit of turmeric, cinnamon and ginger stirred in for a bit of a flavour kick.

Serve with baby marrow or pumpkin oven roast fries.


Mexican Chicken Burger (With chili, onion, and guacamole)

Pan fry a chicken fillet in and sprinkle with paprika, salt, pepper and garlic.

Pan fry brinjal, lengths slowly and allow to caramelize.

Chop a chili and some spring onion and fry next to the brinjal.

Make a fresh tomato, coriander leave and onion salsa.

slice avo and sprinkle with paprika, stack and enjoy!


Hope my  little bun invention will bring  you and yours some new low carb joy!

In aBUNdance

Yours truly tryingly…





























Take charge challenge

I am looking at this poster thinking:

Am I a straight thinking person at all! Just getting onto my soapbox, giving a couple of  “Hear Ye, Hear Ye’s” and a  “Hey wanna join?”

You know, I think it is because I have a strong conviction.  Because, like so many people who simply heard this penny drop… I heard it, I felt it, I saw it and it changed me on  more levels than what can be measured on a scale!

It changed us all together!

Was it not for a sense of “togetherness” in our family it might  have been hard for us as individuals to socially survive past the beginning of this LCHF lifestyle. We had very little info to go on. (It was long before real meal revolution)  I figured things out as we went along…  But as soon as we got to day 7, the results and renewed energy levels became the driving force. The fact that we could share with one another became our accountability and encouragement.  I guess this is me and my family’s way of extending just that same togetherness to you and yours…

Want to take charge and  join the journey with us?

Get Ready…

I am not going to get too technical here.  I will create a Q&A page with links to some professionals and answers that helped clarify things for us. So quickly look through these basics and allow yourself to make  and absorb the mind shifts, ingredient list, meal plan and meal logic. You will be able to make up your own recipes if you use these guidelines, but I will also include some sample recipes on the “Take Charge” – recipe page.

8 Basic low carb swop- outs

Take charge challenge shopping list regular   Take charge challenge speciality shopping list regular

30 grams Breakfast   30 grams Lunch

30 grams Dinner  30 grams - Snacks

Get Set…

Take charge challenge Meal logic   Low Carb Recipe weekend

Most people, and professionals’ response  upon hearing that you are considering a LCHF lifestyle, will be to tell you the following:

“I don’t think it is ok to take an  entire food group out of the food pyramid” Prepare yourself!

Apart from candy, which is NOT a food group! ( Sorry…) We are only really swopping refined carbs (wheat, grains, pastas, sugar, potatoes, fruit juices) for low carbs (Above ground veggies NOT CORN THOUGH) nuts and seeds and low carb fruit.  In fact, you get carbs through your dairy intake too!

We simply cut the ingredients that causes or triggers numerous major health risks anyway. I’m talking about Diabetes, Heart disease, IBS, ADHD, Depression, Celiac disease, Auto immune disease, Alzheimers, Dementia & Cancer.           (To name a few)

 How can this be bad?

We eat most of the foods that promotes kidney health.

How can this be bad?

Ok, but the one you are going to have to explain most of all is…

What about your cholesterol levels?

I saw an elderly Lady last night, explaining to a friend at the dairy aisle, that she only uses low fat milk.  It broke my heart!  Knowing that she is trying to better her health by what has been propagated over the past almost 40 years.  She is however depriving her body and BRAIN of the food it needs most to keep her independent for longer.  I wanted to give her a basket filled with cream, butter, and coconut oil, “skaap choppies”, and fish!

40 Years of only hearing half truths has impacted us into a terrible health state.  We simply hardly ever hear that people die from old age anymore… they die from inflammation driven diseases, cancers and UNhealthy hearts that feasted on low – fat only…

This is a must watch. It will answer many a inbox question I received.



So know you might feel ready to

Keep calm7

…and see for yourself!

After a year on low carb… my hubby went for a check up to test blood sugar and cholesterol levels…

He started by telling our GP what he has been eating for the past year.  He got the raised eyebrow off course.

Tests came back and the raised eyebrow turned into two raised eyebrows… (I still giggle)

Louis, had textbook perfect levels.  Needless to say Doc was bumfuzzled and is now considering LCHF as an option.

Pointers for your journey:

1. Take a good multivitamin, a tablespoon of Coconut oil, and if you can handle it a bit of turmeric in water, each morning.

2. Make friends with healthy fats.  You are going to have to embrace this to fuel your metabolism.  You will also see from my meals and meal plans that you don’t eat chunks of it, but the bottomline is; fat = energy. Even if it is a teaspoon of olive oil or the yellow fat on the 5 carvings of biltong, that bit of fat will switch on your brain,  curb cravings  and supply energy. We don’t eat gobs of fat!  We don’t eat gobs of protein either.  Your body will (maybe for the first time ever tell you exactly what it needs)  Just know, that this might take a few days to fully make the switch.

3. Picture yourself now going from being a car that was fueled by petrol, (Sugar and carbs) to a car that is now fueled by diesel (fats, low carbs, fibre & healthy protein intake) DO NOT MIX THESE SYSTEMS.  This WILL result in massive weight gain.

4. Eat till you feel satisfied!  Don’t go limiting yourself in the beginning.  If your body suspects that you are trying to starve it, it might hold on to fat and not burn it.  If you feel hungry, you might get tempted to grab some easy fast food consisting of carbs! Carry your biltong with you.  Keep veggie sticks and boiled eggs or meatballs with you.  Have nuts as a snack.  But I would suggest in the beginning, rather snack on a drumstick or a piece of cheese.  Snack on nuts maybe  just a few times a week or save it all together for your little baking project. This way you eat a smaller portion too.  Be aware of how far that piece of bacon and egg will fuel you, but grab the piece of salami and cucumber sticks when you feel the first hunger.

5.  Start your day with a glass of water.  Follow every cup of coffee with a glass of water. Drink water…please. Your first week is a detoxing week.  Just be kind to your body.  Drink WATER!  Also make some Buchu tea, or Ginger tea, Vanilla Rooibos tea. Black tea, Green Tea…  Make them and chill them!  You can make lovely ice teas! My daughter makes a different combo – blend every day. Her favorite is the lemongrass – ginger – vanilla -pomegranate mix!  No problem with creativity there!  Try to drink cream in your coffee if you tend to drink more than 3 cups.

100 ml of milk =6 grams of carbs.  100ml cream= 3grams of carbs

6. Dance while you mop!  Climb the stairs instead of the elevator, go power weeding!  Be aware of the times you can get your heart rate up.  If you can change your approach to getting the heart pumping in more creative ways, your body and soul will experience this as kindness!  If you are an avid athlete…awesome! There are more ways than the treadmill at the gym.  Mine is dancing to two funky eighties hits in a row. ALONE off course. Change your outlook from I must … to I want to be kind to myself.

7. You will not always have the same appetite.  This is why you need to listen to your body. Some days I suddenly want to devour an entire 200g steak, but some days I just graze and snack a few times without eating a big conventional meal.

Food is fuel… not routine procedure.

8.  Most of the carb count in a meal is the veggies and not the meat.  Eat enough veggies. My recipes will give you an idea.  This is a good source of fibre too.

9. Drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of  psyllium husks twice a week or so.  This cleanses and promotes a healthy digestive tract.

10. Watch out for boerewors or breakfast sausages.  Read labels… they add lots of stabilizers and cereals to them. This can stall weight loss. Don’t eat fruit every day… see it as a treat. Use it in a smoothy or as a desert topping.  Careful for double cream yoghurt. Unfortunately they add about 6 grams of stabilizers.  Eat  a bit every now and again, but be cautious.

11. Create awesome one pot wonders by using one of these 3 ingredients:

1 Tin Coconut cream (5 grams carbs per serving), yields 4

250 ml Cream (2 grams carbs per serving), yields 4

1 Tin Canned tomatoes (5grams carbs per serving.) yields 4

Add your choice of veggies, (5 grams carbs per serving) and your meat (0 grams of carbs.)

 So this is a good 10 gram carb rule of thumb for a curry, italian tomato meat dish or a creamy bacon and cauliflower soup.



12.  Every body loses fat at a different pace.  Don’t get stuck on how much you lose, as long as you lose.  We have found that sometimes the scale shows no results for a week or two, but our clothes are looser fitting. If you only have 4 kilo’s to lose, weight loss will not be as dramatic as the person needing to lose 20 Kilo’s.  Your body knows where to stop losing all and all.  Stress sometimes slows down weight loss…look at the bigger picture. You are a whole being.  Just remember that a stall in weight loss can mean many things.  Just keep doing what you are doing, up the fat and drop the carbs a bit and see if that does the trick.

13. Check Marinades and spices. Loads of sugar hide in them.

Now… please sign up!  Your info will be anonymous. Unless you want to scream results from your rooftops off course!

I am  so thrilled that we can take charge together!

Yours in low carb…


Why low-carb? And how can it be “lekker”? (good, awesome, yummy, delightful, tasty)

Low Carb is lekker cover

We have this saying in South Africa;”local is lekker”.  It simply means that local culture is something to be desired.  We use this phrase to encourage locals to support local artists, businesses, foods, feasts, produce, you name it.

After a year on a low-carb diet, I pretty much realized that my family reached the point of no return.  We felt better than ever, dropped some kilo’s, gained our coherent thoughts…mostly anyway.  We simply wanted to share the joy of REAL GOOD nutritional values and lifestyle with others.  But “others” felt so overwhelmed at the thought of foreign eating habits and recipes, that I decided to take back local recipes and “decarbify” them!

So I started experimenting and concocting.  My kitchen became a test kitchen and my camera and I became a newly found food – blogger special combo! A Survival guide had to see the light!  Mind sets had to change under less overwhelming circumstances.  I wanted to pioneer such a process.  So I started to envision a guide with practical know how on low – carbing.  A recipe book, a shortcut book…a book for dummies, who like me, did not want to study nutrition, but consume healthy, smart food. Us common folk, really only wanting to shed some kilo’s feed our brains and love our hearts.

So I read through the theories, studies, medical journals.  I wanted to understand how to eat this proverbial elephant called LCHF  (Low carb high fat).  I was saddened by what I discovered.  The oh so many food lies!  The nutritional arena started to look more like a political campaign.  Who will be president… sugar or grain!  The heart foundation support them both, while people are dying from a pandemic of heart disease like never before in the history of man kind!

My goal became clear.  I need to help clarify and simplify.  I am going to take all those big words and simply put them into analogies and recipes!  Plain and simple.  And all of this needs to happen on a budget, cause low-carbing  can not only be for the rich and famous.  This needs to be viable.  Trust me, I have a budget… a tight one!

Why low – carb?

I can supply you with four profound reasons:

1# My husband used to eat a “healthy” breakfast of muesli, yoghurt and fruit.  Around ten he would feel ravenous and attack some candy bar somewhere near his office.  Around 13:00 he would eat his “healthy” packed lunch of provita’s or a sandwich.  Around 4pm he would feel light -headed, even not quite able to properly read his computer.  He would come home and attack a packet of chips or 2 bananas, cookies… frankly whatever he could find.  Eat two helpings of dinner and fall asleep in front of the TV, only to get up tired the next morning.  What we did not realize at the time, was that he was a breath away from full blown type 2 diabetes.  He was overweight, and ALWAYS tired. Upon  entering a low-carb lifestyle he shed 25 Kilo’s in the past 10 months, he has more energy than ever and live a life that is not ruled by cravings and sugar spikes and dips.  He is now the “boertjie” who tells other “boertjies” that they will survive without their meat AND POTATOES regime and the “eat as much as you can buffet” lost all it’s carb filled appeal to him.  Food is not his boss anymore!

2#  My son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, when he was only 3.  A few weeks after we started our low -carb journey, I realized that most tantrums disappeared and more skills and integrated coping skills appeared. There was such a dramatic difference we  could hardly believe our eyes! A bigger than ever sense of normal made it’s way back into our house. Upon further research, I discovered that a grain free, low – carb, high fat diet is the best for kids on the autism spectrum or with ADD or ADHD.  It eliminates the excess inflammation of gluten in the brain.  It literally sooths the brain an heal it’s sensitivities that jumps out in the form of awkward behaviors and emotional melt downs.

3# My daughter is a dreamer.  Some would call it ADD!  We took carbs, wheat and sugar mostly out of her diet and she is focused, slender, and we’ve cut the pre – teen emotional roller coaster almost in half since!

4#  I’m a writer, voice artist, concept developer and performer.  I really need to think on my feet and come up with great ideas on demand.  I also, lived more of a vegetarian lifestyle, simply cause meat and fat just did not quite do it for me. Because I work for myself and found myself writing till the early morning hours a few times a week, I became more and more forgetful and depressed. I felt old,  tired and overwhelmed with life.  I constantly had sweet cravings and chocolate became my best friend. Two weeks after carbs left my kitchen, and I ate more bacon and eggs than ever in my entire life… my brain came back to life, I dropped a size or two and felt like life had colour again.

Most of us are allergic to wheat and gluten.  Most of us will never know this, because it is sold as “healthy” food and we won’t ever look in that file for the cause.  The wheat we eat today, does not remotely have the same genetic make -up as the wheat our great grand parents ate.  Wheat causes inflammation in the brain, intestines and cells. Wheat and sugar causes more obesity and heart related disasters than cream, butter and animal fat put together. Yet they get the blame and we get to use more meds!

As a family we have experienced that good fats are our friends and low fats actually kidnapped the food our brains needed and exchanged it with Gorilla terrorism in the form of added sugars.

Fats does not chase your cholesterol to the moon and back! Sugar causes inflammation that damages the arteries and while the cholesterol (good fats) just want to go to your cells and brain to nourish, they get stuck on the damaged, chipped walls and then they get ALL the blame!  No fair.

I will in future blogs explain the difference between good and bad fats.

Low – carb can be lekker!

You can eat like a king!  If only you can get pass the initial anxiety attacks of “What is left for us to eat?”  “How will we be full?”  “No rice, pasta or potatoes?” “This is going to break the bank!”  “What will I feed my children?”  “Will our livers explode?”  (I get the latter a lot!)

You are going to learn about swop – out foods and before you know it the mind shifts will integrate as the fat melts away and the thinking cap emerges!

If you want some great reads on the topic, I can recommend;

1.  The real meal revolution. By Tim Noakes

2.  Grain Brain. By Dr D Perlmutter

If you are not a low -carb is lekker friend on facebook, like the page and you will find a good few South African recipes, like chutney, bobotie Malva pudding etc.

Low - carb Malva poeding

My aim is to help you and your family find normal within this foreign low-carb world.  From the birthday cake you bake to the friends you invite over for dinner.  I simply want to encourage you on this journey!  Let’s figure it out together.  Sounds like a plan right?

This was my introduction, from here on we get practical!

Low Carb is lekker - logo

These are the 8 swop outs you need to start wrapping your brain around.

8 Basic low carb swop- outs